Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Light a Pilot Light on a Gas Stove

If you can light a candle, you can do it!

Your stove has 3 tiny blue flames which stay on all the time so you can use your stove and oven just by turning up the gas. Lighting the pilot lights on your stove is simple and safe.  Follow the instructions and you’ll be cooking in no time.

This illustration shows the location of the pilots,
though the flames are actually much smaller.

1.  Make sure that the stove knobs are all set to the "off" position
2.  Pull the top of the stove up firmly. You can grip it by the edge or pull it up using the front burner openings.
3.  Notice the small metal pipes between each set of burners: one for the left, one for the right sides. The gas jet is located in the middle, where the pipes open.
4.  Place your lit match or lighter by the gas jet. It should light immediately with a small blue flame.
5.  Use your stove as usual

If the pilot lights for the stove are both on and you can still smell gas, please check to see if the third one for the oven is lit. You can see it if you open the broiler door and look all the way in the back. The best way to light it is with a lighter and—here’s the fun part— lie on your back and reach all the way to the rear of the broiler drawer. There is a small bundle of narrow tubes that are the same as the ones in the stove. Place the lighter flame near those and it will relight the oven pilot.


* Don’t feel like doing yoga to reach the oven pilot? Keep a long-tipped fireplace lighter on hand.
* Most Hayes Properties apartments have ovens with a standing pilot, but some will have electronic ignition models. This is the clicking sound you hear when you turn your burners on. The oven will either be plugged into the wall, or have a small battery pack. Make sure the plug is all the way in or replace your 9-volt battery if needed.
* The amount of gas that comes through for a pilot light is very small. If your pilot lights are lit and you still smell gas please call your gas company.
* If you live in Chicago, call Peoples Gas Emergency Services at 1-866-556-6002 and they will come right out, 24 hours a day to test for a gas leak.

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