Friday, February 15, 2013

Apartment Keys

Getting a new set of apartment keys is an exciting moment. They are the first tangible connection to a new place and a sign that it really is yours. We included a few hints to help keep them safe.
This antique key still opens a bedroom door at The Montine in Lincoln Park

1. Be sure to keep a copy of every key on you at all times. When maintenance visits, they will secure all of your locks.

2. To save yourself the expense and time of being locked out, you should plant another set somewhere with a friend.

3. Program a few contact numbers for reputable local locksmiths into your phone now. You may not have the time or resources to look them up in an emergency.

If your key breaks in a common area door, call the management office immediately. Using a key to pull the door open can cause it to snap. To prevent accidents like this, use the doorknob or handle to absorb the force.
Feel free to make copies of your Hayes Properties keys at any hardware store or lock shop. We use Dexter Lock at 3300 N. Halsted in Chicago. You can even copy your mail key. Just make sure you test all your copies first!

Hayes Properties, Inc. Chicago, IL

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