Monday, December 23, 2013

Bed Bug Prevention and Treatment in Chicago

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in Chicago. Arm yourself with preventative strategies as well as methods to detect any problems early.

Although difficult to treat, bed bugs can be eliminated. There is no single act or remedy; rather, successful treatment requires a multifaceted approach. The best results come from cooperation between tenants and landlords.

To mark the beginning of the new Bed Bug Ordinance in Chicago, we’re posting resources for local tenants. Check back soon for updates.

At the first sign of bed bugs:

1. Call your landlord if you suspect bed bugs are in your apartment. 
Hayes Properties residents should call the office immediately at 773-929-7050.

2.  Do not purge your belongings. Throwing out furniture and mattresses doesn’t get rid of bed bugs and can spread them throughout your apartment as well as transmit them to others in your community.

3.  Clear clutter and secure any discarded items in a tightly closed plastic bag before you bring them down to the trash.

4.  Keep your bedroom vacuumed, but do not leave the bag in the machine. Change it frequently and discard it in a sealed plastic bag. Once your apartment is treated, refrain from vacuuming around baseboards because it can remove the dust that the exterminator applied.

5.  Put bedding and clothes in the dryer for a full cycle to kill the bugs. Dry on the hottest setting (“Normal” for Hayes’ laundry rooms) for one full cycle. Bring items back up in a fresh, sealed laundry bag. Commercial dryers at Laundromats reach very high temperatures and are especially good for pillows, bedspreads, and bulky items.

6.  Use care when bundling laundry. When removing bed sheets, roll them down instead of pulling them off, put them in a plastic bag to transport to the laundry room, and wash in hot water right away. 

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