Friday, March 29, 2013

Vintage Apartment Locks

How Mortise Locks Work
Like the majority of vintage buildings, most of our apartments are outfitted with mortise locks. These allow for some flexibility in the function and use of your lock.

If you look on the narrow part of the door, there are two brass buttons. Push one of them in and you can lock the door simply by closing it. Push the other button, and you will need to turn the bolt with a key in order to lock the door from the outside.

Sticky locks can be loosened with some patience and a little resourcefulness. Try using graphite as a lubricant. Draw on a key with a pencil as though you are coloring it in. Work it into the lock gently to see if it turns. In an emergency, try a little WD-40 in the lock. Of course, Hayes Properties residents can always call the office for maintenance at 773-929-7050.

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